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The SmartBuilt4EU project supports innovators from the smart building value chain through concrete networking and communication actions.
SmartBuilt4EU also develops a Strategic Research Agenda combined to policy recommendations to support the further uptake of smart buildings.

Last News & Upcoming Events

Last News & Upcoming Events

Smart Building Conference, FIRA Barcelona
May 31, 2021

1st brochure on EU-funded smart building innovations released

Download the brochure introducing 46 H2020 projects dealing with smart building related topics: 2021 Brochure The brochure provides a portfolio of synthetic factsheets on EU-funded projects, which have been identified
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SmartBuilt4EU in webinar about power flexibilities

SmartBuilt4EU participated in the webinar “Flexibility 2.1: From Demand Response to Renewable energy Communities” organised by R2M Solution. 15 European-funded projects focused on the energy transition at buildings and community
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