About us

SmartBuilt4EU, supporter of Europe’s smart building ecosystem


The SmartBuilt4EU project is a 30-month project funded by the H2020 program and led by ECTP, the European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform.

The project aims to foster collaboration between stakeholders of the smart building value chain, promote their innovations, and identify R&D gaps and policy recommendations to support the further uptake of smart buildings.

It also contributes to the experimentation and implementation of the Smart Readiness Indicator, a common scheme for rating the smart readiness of buildings, in line with EPBD


SmartBuilt4EU aims to:

  • Provide opportunities to network and share knowledge and experience related to smart buildings
  • Reference and promote the key innovators and innovations in smart buildings
  • Propose collaborative work to identify barriers, opportunities and best practices for the further uptake of smart buildings
  • Consolidate these findings into a Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda that will feed the design of future Horizon Europe calls on smart buildings
  • Draw recommendations to policy makers
  • Develop and test tools to support the deployment of the Smart Readiness Indicator.


Around the Coordinator ECTP,  SmartBuilt4EU gathers:

  • Research centers: VITO, EURAC
  • Innovation experts: DOWEL INNOVATION, R2M SOLUTION  and members of the ECTP Association: LIST, ASM, CARDIFF University, TNO, VTT
Alexis David, ECTP
WP leader on EC-funded projects monitoring
Johan Martinez, R2M SOLUTION
WP leader on Task forces & workshops activities
Karine Laffont Eloire, DOWEL
WP leader on Smart Readiness Indicator
Federico Garzia, EURAC
WP leader on Strategic Research Agenda
Stijn Verbeke, VITO
WP leader on communication
Alexis David, ECTP