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Make existing buildings smart!

The aim of the domOS project is to develop and demonstrate technologies for the digitalization of existing buildings by using an operating system for smart services in buildings. Following an
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KPIs and co-benefits of smart buildings

WP3 focuses on supporting the experimentation and roll out of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI). In this framework, a first task led by EURAC aimed to define the main co-benefits
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1st brochure on EU-funded smart building innovations released

Download the brochure introducing 46 H2020 projects dealing with smart building related topics: 2021 Brochure The brochure provides a portfolio of synthetic factsheets on EU-funded projects, which have been identified
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SmartBuilt4EU in webinar about power flexibilities

SmartBuilt4EU participated in the webinar “Flexibility 2.1: From Demand Response to Renewable energy Communities” organised by R2M Solution. 15 European-funded projects focused on the energy transition at buildings and community
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Launch of 4 European Task Forces on smart buildings

The SmartBuilt4EU project held its first workshop on 22nd February, gathering 45+ participants from the smart building value chain. Four open Task Forces were launched to explore the remaning barriers
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1st SmartBuilt4EU webinar held on February 25th 2021

SmartBuilt4EU has organized a first webinar to introduce 10 EU-funded projects currently developing and testing solutions that will push further the smart readiness of buildings and their interactions with the
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