Smart Readiness Indicator

The smart readiness indicator should raise awareness amongst building owners and occupants of the value behind building automation and electronic monitoring of technical building systems.

The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) introduced the concept of a Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI), as a common EU scheme for rating the smart readiness of buildings.

This scheme aims to raise awareness on the benefits of smarter building technologies and make their added value more tangible for building users, owners, tenants, and smart service providers

The SRI assesses the technological readiness of buildings with regard to:

  • interaction with their occupants
  • interaction with connected energy grids
  • more (energy) efficient operation

Find more details on the Smart Readiness Indicator here.

Yet, there is still a lack of general knowledge and understanding on the SRI benefits from most stakeholders of the building value chain. SmartBuilt4EU thus intends to foster the adoption of the SRI through the following actions:

  • Identify the co-benefits of smart building solutions -and related indicators- that can increase the value of the SRI, based on state-of-the-art review and stakeholders’ interviews
  • Assess a set of technology solutions for Smart Buildings, according to different climate zones, regulatory contexts and building typologies
  • Organize workshops on the SRI and its practical testing, also targeting policy makers towards the implementation at national and local level.

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