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SmartBuilt4EU workshop at Sustainable Places 2021

The SmartBuilt4EU project will hold a workshop on 29th September from 15h30 to 17h30 during the Sustainable Places Conference.
The format is hybrid, so you can either join physically in Rome, or online (50€ online registration fee).

This workshop will be the opportunity to:

  1. Introduce the 1st four White Papers elaborated by the Task Forces. Topics cover: End-users acceptance and attractiveness; Interoperability; Provision of flexibility to electricity grids; Business models and smart financing.
  2. Launch the next topics for investigation, with dedicated parallel brainstorming session.

The new draft topics are:

  • Task Force 1 User-centric buildings
  • Task Force 2 Optimised building costs
  • Task Force 3 Data governance, privacy and security
  • Task Force 4 Smart buildings as enablers of new energy practices and communities

Workshop agenda:

  • 15h30: Brief presentation of the white papers released on the first four topics investigated by our Task Forces in the past 6 months
  • 16h00: Introduction to the next topics of the Task Forces (TF) and the process for the next 6 months (30 mn)
  • 16h30: Brainstorming on topics’ scope and State of the Art/ get inputs from projects working on these topics (60 mn)

Brainstorming sessions will be organised in parallel, as follows:

  • 30 min brainstorming TF1 (User-centric building) in parallel with TF2 (Optimised building costs)
  • 30 min brainstorming TF3 (Smart buildings as enablers of new energy practices and communities) in parallel with TF4 (Data governance, privacy and security) in parallel

More info and registration:

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