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SmartBuit4EU and Smart2B: H2020 synergies and collaborations

We are glad to announce that Smart2B is collaborating with the SmatBuilt4EU project.

 Smart2B aims to create a smart building system, consisting of the Smart2B devices, platform and services, that places citizens, building users and CECs at the heart of the building energy transition, by enabling smart buildings to interact with their occupants and the grid in real-time to untap energy efficiency and local flexibility. This approach will transform the existing building stock into and interconnected active element of the energy system by upgrading existing building equipment, individual buildings and entire building blocks to higher smartness levels.

Smart2B aims to join its forces with other relative H2020 projects and initiatives in order to foster the exchange of information, experience, knowledge and best practices. The project has created synergies with SmartBuilt4EU and other EU-funded projects. Find our more here.

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