Task Forces

Shaping together the next European Agenda for smart buildings….


SmartBuilt4EU open task forces investigate the key issues and trends related to smart buildings and identify state of the art, best practices, barriers, challenges and opportunities to support their uptake.

Their collaborative work will feed a Strategic Research Agenda to be presented to the European Commission.
It should thus guide the drafting of the next related calls of the Horizon Europe funding programme.

Joining a task force is a 6-month involvement, to contribute to a White Paper addressing
a specific topic of interest.


Four task forces address four distinct themes listed below. Click on a taskforce for more details on the specific topics addressed.

Task Force 1: Interactions with users

End-user awareness, acceptance and feedback

Task Force 3: Interactions with the external environment

Requirements for interactions with multiple networks (electricity, heat, waste, water…)

Task Force 4: cross-cutting issues

Data, security, business & finance, education…

How to contribute

Composition of task forces

  • Two Co-chairs are appointed among the Expert Board and partners of the SB4EU consortium, who will animate the collaborative work during 6 months
  • Any volunteer can join the task force to provide inputs and reviews


  • The overall process to produce a white paper is 6 months.
  • During the first 4 months, a draft document (Green Paper) is elaborated based on the members inputs. The exact objective, scope and structure of the paper is proposed by the Co-chairs and open to discussion.
  • During the 5th month, an open consultation is organised to gather external feedback.
  • During the 6th month the draft document is finalised into a White Paper integrating the additional inputs gathered.
  • Task Force members should plan 5 status meetings (online) along the 6 months of collaborative work.
  • The final White Paper will be presented at a dedicated workshop, promoted through SmartBuilt4EU networks, and will feed the Strategic Research Agenda.

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