The Community

The smart building innovation community gathers industrials and research and development organisations engaged in supporting the deployment of smart buildings.

By joining this community, you will:


Increase the visibility of your innovation or R&D project

SmartBuilt4EU develops communicational material to promote your innovation (project brochures, success stories), material that is widely disseminated through our networks. You can also present your activities within the events organised by SmartBuilt4EU and get privileged access to the booths and timeslots booked by SmartBuilt4EU in key conferences such as Sustainable Places.

Contribute defining the future EC-funding calls on smart buildings

SmartBuilt4EU is setting up task forces that investigate the key issues and trends related to smart buildings and identify barriers, challenges and opportunities to support their take up. The outputs of this collaborative work will feed a Strategic Research Agenda to be presented to the EC. It should thus guide the drafting of the next related calls of the Horizon Europe funding programme.

Network with stakeholders from all over Europe

Through workshops and webinars organised by the project, you can exchange with other innovators from the smart building value chain, share good practices, and trigger new collaborations.

Join our community

Get an overview of the community in the database link below and in our brochure of EU-funded smart building projects.

Among the latest European consortia that joined us: